Saturday, 2 May 2009

Clapton is Good & Dalston is Gay!

We had the delight of visiting 71 Powerscroft Road that's next door to humble Live Art & Fashion House, for the Launch of MK|| a very special addition to our already very exciting street. The Launch was somewhat un-planned, the space un-finished. Disfunctional Flurescent Lights provided us with a light show, a smashed mirror ball lay in the corner and people danced to sounds of Youtube requests played from the MAC in the centre of this tardis of a space. We also had some sonic art played.

Meanwhile in Dalston I dropped bye the Supermarket to see how the decorating had turned out. I'm sorry to say I wasn't pleased to find that within 3 weeks this beauty of a construction sight I had the pleasure of visiting before had turned into a fully function GAY bar, with neon lights and a que as long as a Nando's Chicken PirriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiPirriiiiiiiiiiiii It just goes to show how quick London is at making somthing 'big'. I had hoped that the Credit crunch feel and the rawness of the minimal space had felt the weeks before would have continued a bit longer. Perhaps it was the paint fumes that were missing.

One thing's for certain right now, is that I prefer sawdust..... to glitter dust.