Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Net a Porter

I was so busy yesterday with sending out my new Mailout, that's #3 now, oooh I am getting old, two years almost in fact! But more about that sooon I promise! Anyway why not check it out for yourself!

What I was trying to say was I really wanted to blog about my new story with photographer Markn for the lovely people at Net a Porter that we shot only last Thursday, Markn and Net a Porter have been super busy getting the final edit together and designing a layout for it's launch online only yesterday.

For this we created a very soft subtle space, a motel or apartment the exact location is left to the dream like quality of Markn's images, the complexity of innocence combined with some very sophisticated fashion evoke a filmic quality similar to that of directors such as Sopia Coppola or Sam Mende's.

Please take a look at Net a