Friday, 30 April 2010

Rosie Knowles

Hi I'm Rosie Knowles currently interning for Alun Davies Studio, I am a 2nd year Theatre and Performance design student, studying at LIPA in Liverpool.

At the start of this week after getting a little lost I arrived at Alun Davies Studio. I was given my first task to buy fabric for Alun's costume project for Samuel Chase (singer). With my A-Z in one hand and my tube map in the other off I went on the first of many mini adventures around London. I returned successful and was presented with my next task of finishing off disco mirror covered cuffs for Lady Ga Ga's dancers. I thought this was most exciting because I find her so fascinating so to be actually working on something she will see was fun. I even got the chance to drop off her clothes. My friends were impressed when I told them that evening as it wasn't the average Monday.

The rest of this week I have been helping Alun finish off Samuel Chase's costume for his first performance at the ICA which took place yesterday night. Samuel's performances are based around audio visual effects interacting with his music, which are then projected onto him as he stands alone with his microphone. Alun's design was to create a collar which would have a major impact under the lights, so I have been gluing all sorts of sparkly crystals, broken glass, bondage straps, whistles, nails, door hinges, feathers to name just a few which appear on the piece.

Finally having covered the whole piece we proceeded to pack everything up and head over to the ICA. This is where Samuel was able to see the finishing touches we had done and also the addition of a smaller collar to go over the larger piece. I helped Alun attach the collar and then it was out front to see the performance. The piece really worked great under the lights considering how dark it is when all the other lights were out. I really enjoyed the different colours and Samuel's shadow which gave a very mysterious silhouette. After a lot of well deserved congratulations it was time to have a glass of wine and head home for bed.

Coming up next week I will be assisting Alun on MACHINE A fashion art installation which sounds very exciting so I look forward to telling you all about it!

Here is a little look at what work I have done recently while at university....