Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Considered Ensemble

I wrote this blog post for The Considered Ensemble yesterday. A Text based blog where you can view more descriptions of people various attire. Check it.

Artistic Director, collecting images from unwanted sources collaging them all together to make new beautiful things. Making unwearable accessories for photoshoots and mirrorball armor for Lady Gaga’s dance troup. Spending to much time in artificially lit photographic studio’s and helping myself to fizzy water in their fridges. Down and out in London & Paris.

From head to toe: A light splash of Bumble & Bumble ’straight’ potion for my unruly locks. A dash of DIOR homme aftershave. Thin cotton vintage blossom style print shirt by PAUL AND JOE, with cream landscape, blue tree trunks and pink blossom, from Selfridges London. Pure lambswool Cardigan by PETER JENSEN in wine color. Round neck cut with no fastenings on front, bought from sample sale at Peter’s studio. Vintage CASIO gold calculator watch. Slim fit dark denim jeans by UNIQLO with 1inch turn up. Perfect fit for my overly long legs and slim waist. All underwear by AMERICAN APPAREL in maroon bought from the LA flagship store in down town LA whilst on vacation last autumn. Vintage Chelsea boots bought from a flea market in Paris. Slightly scuffed and worn leather just as I like them.