Friday, 14 May 2010


Superrefraction show at Vulpes Vulpes

I had the pleasure of arriving early at the Supperrefraction show at Vulpes Vulpes gallery today, I have to say it is not my forte to arrive early to any Vernisage but it just so happened I had a very busy evening and this was one event that I did not want to miss.

The show featured fifteen pieces of sculptural work spanning multiple disciplines all under the curatorial theme of Super Refraction.

'Super Refraction refers to specific meterological conditions in which the trajectory of electro-magnetic waves are bent in an arc approaching the curvature of the earth

As an unexpected and counter-intuitive property of the heat and moisture content of the atmosphere SuperRefraction plots an arc between the chance happenings of our environment and a deeper understanding of the everyday stuff which surrounds us'

'The exhibition returns consistently to an examination of our shifting relationship with objects. Takin a number of diverse approaches to making - investigative, critical, and playful by turn, the work yakes phusical presence, process and action to explore a number of personal and colective concerns. Thoughout, an ethic of openess and generosity prevails.'

David Murphy,
is it possible that no one has ever seen anyone anywhere, 2010

Daniel Wallis,
Dot, 2010

Alex Chinneck,
Patina's Portal, 2010

Alex Chinneck,
84, 2010 (Please note this is not the correct title however Html does not allow this)

I personally felt quite refreshed by the show, a good curration of six artists who's work sat well together and yet had a variety that kept you interested. It was a small show however and I would be very interested in seeing these artists progress to larger exhibitions. I think it is time that younger sculptors get more opportunity to exhibit and these guys are taking it into their own hands to create a more interesting show without an indulgent finacial backing. My photographs do not do it justice this is something to be seen in person. The show runs until June 6th 2010.