Monday, 17 May 2010

Lilli Maunula returns to London

I am very pleased that stylist collaborator and friend Lilli Maunula returned to London recently to take up a post as Senior Assistant at Another Magazine. Lilli had previously been assisting Cathy Edwards at Dazed & Confused and then went on to continue her studies in Finland. I began to wonder for a moment if we would see Lilli return to London again, but fiercely she came back a few months ago and fell in Love with London once more announcing her return in May. I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more of Lilli's subverted takes on the Finish style scene with a intriguing elegance not to be faltered with. I see Another, Gentle Woman, Bon, SHOWstudio and perhaps some more sophisticated pop/music acts as future collaborations for Lilli. For now we shall have to watch her tweet her thoughts though the voice of Another Magazine.

Also below are some images from a shoot I did with Lilli back when we were at the very start of our careers, photography by Rodgers and Edmonds