Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rosie Knowles Signs out for Now!

After my day off on the Saturday I was back in the studio bright an early helping Alun prepare for the photo shoot for German fashion Magazine Sleek. I was very excited due to the fact I have never been on a professional photo shoot before and anything to do with high fashion clothes and shoes will always have my hearting pumping. After a quick trip to Tesco to get breakfast for everyone, I started to finish off a dream web capture which was going to be used for the shoot. The making was so simple but so effective I am looking forward to seeing what the photographs will look like!

Due to the fact that Alun was designing the set I was given the task of going to The Camden Crawl to dress Samuel Chase for his performance. At first I felt rather nervous because I would be in control of how Samuel would look. I found the Jazz club were Samuel was playing and waited outside to be taken backstage which was all very exciting as I passed all the people queuing to get in. The night went really well and I was able to take a few photographs.

The next morning I was back at the studio helping Alun tidy up after the photo shoot. I knew that later that day we would be starting the new project for Machine A which I mention on my last blog. At lunchtime another intern Amy was introduced as she would be helping out as well with this new venture. We arrived at Machine A very impressed with the space and the shop which was ultra cool. We met the owner Stavros Karelis who was very friendly and got painting the space black. When it was time to go home I was feeling very excited for Friday to see what everything will look like, I was very tired but happy because I had made a new friend in my fellow intern Amy.

The next couple of days we finished painting the room and started making the graves. Before we knew it, it was Thursday and time to take everything to Machine A for Friday. I was impressed with how everything was starting to come together and I couldn’t wait to see the pieces designed by Charlie LeMindu. As always organised chaos erupted on Friday with everyone trying to finish everything off, it was fun because everyone got involved helping each other out to get it all finished and perfect. And this is exactly what happened. The set installation looked amazing, which came together really well with the sound and the gorgeous naked women looked fabulous in their head pieces by Charlie LeMindu. Amy and I quickly ran to Marks and Spencer’s to get changed and before I knew it I had finished my two weeks with Alun and was drinking a Peroni with a massive smile on my face.