Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Lady is Dead by Roy Raz

Thanks to I came accross this piece of art i'm sorry but this is simply beyond any music video I have seen recently even a Lady GaGa video simply would not even come close. There is no Art Director credit so I guess the Director Roy Raz and the rest of the team helped create this visual masterpiece. And once again I am seriously impressed with Homotography's radar on current work right now I really am loving this site as a visual reference, thank you.

Credits - Director: Roy Raz | Cinematography: Roman Linetsky | Editor: Ornit Levi | Styling: Gustavo Matias Franco | Hair & makeup: Tomas Shemesh and Noga Tamir | Post production: Assaf Yeger | Producers: Roy Raz and Eitan Tal


Owen G Parry said...

This is everything i think about EVERYDAY! I am watching it without sound, so can only imagine the noises for now. So HOT!

ALÙN said...

You have to listen to this with sound it is simply breathtaking with the music aswell. I really want to recreate these images in a field in Wales right now or maybe just the hospitol ward!

Owen G Parry said...

Do it! Do it with your I-Phone!
This is so much better than the Irrepressibles original music video to this track.Loving the blog BTW xBB

Unknown said...

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