Tuesday, 3 August 2010


As I write this blog in the regional mountains of Wales I feel hugely inspired to create some epic happening or ridiculousness maybe I just need further distractions to take me away from reality right now or simply because I would like to put a Knife in the works of the everyday existence of people here in Wales. So as this video from the knife holds some similarities to the visual experience I'm seeing on a daily basis, football clubs, track suit wearing chavs, overpowering drag queens. Perhaps it is time for some Caribbean beats in the Valley's. As I am sure this video was inspired by Hedwig so this needs to be passed on too. Also Olof looks too hot here with his bomber jacket and dance moves.

Dir. Johan Renck / music The Knife / Sweden / 2003 It is the annual meeting for the local football club, yet the entertainment turns out to be not quite what was expected.