Saturday, 22 January 2011


Hi guys I'm Emily and I would like to tell u a bit how I became Alun's assistant. One day I accidentally came to an Art Direction page surfing in the internet. What I've saw there interested me so much that I decided take a risk and write an email with my portfolio to mysterious Mr Alun Davies. That's how I started my adventure with London and this local, international artistic world. After few hours of traveling and got lost few times I landed in really strange place full of ruined, deserted buildings. I felt horror breeze and thought how come anyone can be here for more that 5 minutes and create such a wonderful things like Alun's, impossible. Especially that no one was there the time I came. After a while when I get myself together I called the number which I found on the internet page. Few signals and nice, male voice welcomed me warmly and invited for a cup of coffee. I felt suprised so much especially with my permanent fear from talking on the phone with lisping English people, I could totally misunderstood and catch something like not 'pop in for a coffee but for example "put in fold in coffin haha ;P Short massage from Alun with direction assured me that I should take my bump and go to his place what I've obviously did. There met me another surprise because the door was opened by a young, handsome man not old and bald with a moustache and big belly, like I supposed. :P We've had nice, quite long conversation about work he already did and my experience as well.

The following day I've been invited to hist studio. Except basic intern duties like to give, to fetch, to sweep Alun was asking me to sort out his stuff and make simple props and accessories for the shoots, films and music clips among set for Glass Magazine, the feathers accessories for SHOW studio, Boudoir set for OFFICE Magazine, Painted backdrops for ANOTHER Magazine and Costumes for Samuel Chase. Cutting, gluing and painting, mostly how to do fab things reallysimply and shortly and get amazing final effect and make zajebisty (I couldn't use other than polish expression ;) climate in photos, movie or music clip to effect what I had in mind. Fantastic experience indeed! To be in the center of artistic world, among many different professions. To watch a team of make up artists, stylists, models, photographs and by building a set to become an author of a background for beautiful costumes, events, shoots and young debut stars music clips. Hours of hunting feathers in neighboring parks and cemetery ... How many my emotions and filings accursed in those places, how many steps in miles walked through, sat in the tube during journey to the studio or shoot places, on the way to meet new adventures, to build new fantastic world full of magic, artists performance, later admired for people which bought the freshly printed glossy magazines. The difference is that I took a part in this whole history which was given to me. From a big mess of many different things thrown away on the floor to ready made sets to rebuild later on, and placing props back in boxes, cases, packages. That is how I'll feel after I come back to my polish reality.. like an empty studio waiting for the new set will keep waiting for the new challenge this time with totally different people in absolutely different place in the world.

Above are images of two models made as an answer for "human against civilization" sentence inspired by Jean-Paul Chrles Aymard Sartre philosophy.

I graduated Poznan Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Stage and Costume design. I am on my second part of the studies at the moment. I have already been working as an assistant and trainee in several theatres in Poland during my studies.

Despite the fact that my education and work experience has prepared me for the position of stage and costume designer, I am also interested in interior, exhibition and set design. Last term of my studies I spent abroad and courses which I chose during my studies at Lithuanian Dajles Academija was completely connected with interior and exhibition design. After that I started to think about work in this field seriously.