Thursday, 3 March 2011


Piers Atkinson launched his A/W 2011 collection entitled 'Paris' in London at Fashion Week just past. The collection was based around the themes of the enchantment of cities especially during the darkness of night, and their appeal to characters that embrace this, cabaret entertainers, sailors, lovers undercover, disco queens, dancing girls and more.

This new collection is the first of a new triptych, and fitting with Atkinson's previous theme's a new development to the display and formation of his collection has been created, especially through the medium of print, with his pride and care that has been taken to create his current look book for the collection which essentially is a piece of art in itself. The graphic map style concertina layout displaying all the 'head shots' is encased in a beautiful Navy, and gold foil debossed cover, where two characteristic heads of Atkinson's illustration first greets you. Inside lies a text and story of the collection by Michael Nottingham and then as if almost hidden under the cover of night, the reverse side of the head shots lies a delightful collection of 'Brasai' inspired portraits of characters created and developed through the collaboration of Morgan White (Photographer) Kim Howells (Stylist) and Piers Atkinson himself. These pictures were taken on the cusp or during the darkness of night in and around Dalston London, yet give an eary timelessness to them as if these characters of night could easily have been plucked from 1930's Paris .

Head shot photograph by Morgan White.

Of course we were involved in many ways with Piers Collection this year from Set Design for the Look book shoots through to collection consultancy. However the high light was to collaborate with Piers on creating this unique show piece (See above). We developed Piers Atkinson's sketch into a light weight 3Dimensional framework, welded by my Dad, Winston Davies and myself in Wales during a cold afternoon.

As well as displaying his collection in Headonism at Sommerset House this year, Piers also launched a brilliant presentation at Franny's pop up Gallery on Frith street in Soho. Through a great collaboration with Piers' new PR Ella Dror. His presentation and Launch party on the Saturday at LFW was a complete success, Nova Dando was DJing, Anne Pigalle was singing, The neon hats were alit, and the wine was flowing. There was even a very big controversy where two of the hats from the new collection were actually stolen! Luckily due to the faithful trustees of Piers Atkinson's fan base these Kleptomaniacs were quickly sought out and the hats returned... just in time as I'm sure they will be under high demand for future press!!

Exhibition Photography by Robert Jones