Saturday, 2 July 2011

Disco Moment - Bright Light Bright Light

We are only just back from Glastonbury where Bright Light Bright Light was DJing at the fashionably cool hot spot Vogue Fabrics as part of Dirt Box last Friday. Now finally after a little wait we can show you the new Bright Light Bright Light Video for new single Disco Moment! We are all so excited that this is now released and it was brilliant news to hear that the Guardian had posted up a review check it out!

Disco Moment from Bright Light Bright Light on Vimeo.
Director: Jody Wilson
Art Director: Alun Davies
D.O.P: Zach Galler
Stylist: Justine Josephs
1st AC & Digital Operator: Natalie Spitz
Gaffa: Tom Levigne
Hair and Make-up: Michelle Webb
Art Department: Erik Nillson-Gullstrand & Iga Gawronska
Hair & Make-up assistants: Lea James, Erika Wilson & Alex Chalk
Editor - Blake Barrie
Digital Compositor - Renaud Talon (
Post House - Infinite Studio
Key Roles: David Frampton, Alison King, Sheens McKenzie & Johan Ahlkvist
Produced by Alun Davies and Jody Wilson

Fashion Credits:
LOOK 1 – Bright Light Bright Light & TV Heads
BLBL: SHIRT- Unconditional, Trousers- Agi and Sam, Blazer - Lu Flux, Shoes - Skive
Johan- Jacket, vest and pants - Mathew Miller
Mark – Shorts and jumper - Mathew Miller, PVC Jacket - David Curtis-Ring
Sheena – Dress- Sara Bro Jorgensen
Alison - Dress, Jacket and gloves- Sara Bro Jorgensen

LOOK 2: Bright Light Bright Light in Colour
BLBL: Jacket and Trousers – Agi and Sam
Johan (Red): Trousers and Shirt- KTZ, Blaser- BEyond Retro, Bespoke Cap- Piers Atkinson
David (Orange): Blaser, trousers and top Agi and Sam and KTZ, Shoulder piece Grace Lepard
Alison (Green): – Leggins and dress - Lu Flux, Green mesh top – Beyond Retro, Jacket - KTZ
Sheena (Blue): - Trousers - KTZ, Jumper – Sara Bro Jorgensen, Blazer- Beyond Retro, Hat- Noel Stewart, Shoulder piece Grace Lepard