Sunday, 7 August 2011


A little late post from Love Box, mainly because my camera phone decided to not work and so I had no documentation to show, however thanks to Stav B I now have a few snaps that I can show some of the excitement that we got up to. We were back stage helping out Kim Howells whilst she was busy busy busy styling the Dr Noki fashion show on the main stage, which during the run up to the show we were all electrically charged by the thunderous apocalyptic rain showers which seemed to add to an amazingly outrageous fashion show with a packed out main stage crowd and some ludicrous dance manouvers by the wonderful Aaron Frew.

Here are also a few You Tube video's of the acts I managed to see.


Fred Butler and myself watching Beth Ditto.

Beth Ditto performing some crazy yet brilliant dance moves during her set.

Pictures of the Noki fashion show via the A Shaded View Of Fashion Blog by Konstantinos Menelaou