Monday, 17 October 2011

Aqua Man Launch Party

Back in July we worked with new Menswear label Aqua Man from Aqua by Aqua to create a new clubbing experience as part of their Aqua Man Launch party. This included several large scale Aqua Logo triangles custom made out of Mars Red plexi and illuminated with neon and strobe lighting. These created focal points within the club space and entrances, in this case the club was Concrete which was chosen in conjunction with Aqua and PR and event organizer Ella Dror. The space was fully illuminated with red lighting to achieve a Berghain clubbing intensity, and their logo was repeated throughout as vinyl transfers and floor markings.

The guestlist que ran around the block but downstairs the party turned out to be an extreme experience and fueled with Redbull and Vodka throughout the night. There was even a late night performance from Feral aka McKinky. We think Aqua should start doing regular club nights all around the country, but until then we will have to just wait until the next launch party.

Above image credits
Reuben Esser and myself
Iga Gavronska, Jacqueline Power and myself
Feral aka McKinky
Jacqueline Power with Bright Light Bright Light aka Rod Thomas
Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday Stevens of Aqua by Aqua with Kimi O'Neill