Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Creative Pane at Dalston Superstore

I recently created a piece of work for a group show at Dalston Superstore curated by Saskia Wickins, where we were all given a window frame to use in any way to interpret the brief of 'Creative Pane' in a totally personal form.

I created a piece entitled 'Concept Collision' shown at the top of the images below.

Saskia tells us, “Using the concept of a view through an open window, this exhibition invites the audience to explore and peer into the unique undisclosed landscape of a studio space. Giving an exceptional insight into the environment of creative process and practice, and the exhibiting artists visual manifestation of this concept.

These windows come in all different shapes and sizes, emphasizing the concept of individual space and vision. With the initial starting point of the window frame, each of the artists have been asked to produce the personal character and style of their studio space. Giving outsiders a chance to witness studio life where anything and everything can serve as inspiration. These representations will be as surreal, abstract, conceptual or documentary as desired by the artist.”

With 16 different artists, designers, stylist, photographers, set designers and illustrators on show, each individual window frames will take their spot to transform the walls of Dalston Superstore and provide an exclusive insight into their creative space and mind.

The exhibition runs until April 15th so catch it whilst you can over the Easter break.

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