Friday, 24 August 2012


1. Portrait

My name is Olivia Sanders, I am 21 and studying Illustration at Camberwell, heading into my third year. I enjoy making collages, photography and am interested in making books. I love reading and collect old books, some I recycle and give other uses but others I just keep! I love the idea of telling a story through my art, particularly through collage, layering sections to hide and reveal different parts of the story. I am fascinated by nostalgia and memories, and love to collect old photographs and postcards to use in my collages. I would love to further my passion for photography and incorperate this with bookbinding and collage, I would also love to experiment with typography, this is something that has always interested me. I am inspired by Tim Walker, who manages to create a story in his photographs, turning the fantastical into reality. Peter Blake and Joseph Cornell have also inspired me alongside Sally Mann, Zarina Bhimji and John Stezaker.I have always lived in London, and I love it but I really enjoy travelling, everywhere I go I document my journeys either through collecting things, drawing and photography.

​I have been working for Alun recently in and out of his studio working on a variety of projects from antlers tozig zagged head pieces. It is really interesting to see how things can be envisaged, created and then used in professional situations. I love Alun’s sculptural, geometrical designs and the way he makes props and costumes from found objects. In particular, I enjoyed helping out with the last minute plans for the opening night of his ‘Supernovae’ exhibition at Dalston Superstore. It was a fantastic night, packed with extrovert, creative people. Alun’s costumes looked beautiful, from the cracked and rearranged mirror pieces to layered silver fabrics. I love the atmosphere of Alun’s studio and being surrounded by colourful, inspiring objects and materials. I have really enjoyed working with Alun, and would love to continue to work with him in the future.

2. Photograph of reflections in Amsterdam windows.

3. Concertina bookmaking

4. Collage, inspired by Pere Laichese Cemetry, Paris

5. Collage, Pere Laichese Cemetry

6. Collage, based on ‘The Joys of Morphinism’-Hans Fellada

7. Book based on the life of Thomas Cromwell

8. Sophie, my sister in a fabric petal hat