Thursday, 24 January 2013


To those that know my work or any of the remix tapes I make, it's obvious that I like the music of The Knife, and there are not many bands that I seem to like all the music of. However I could not help myself when I heard that the new Single Full of Fire released next week Jan 29th was leaked today. Listen for yourself below, but it is a dark and heavy return for the Knife, perfect for January.  I am looking forward to what else we hear and see coming this year from the forthcoming album Shaking the Habitual I'm left with heavy anticipation. Olof and Karin have been working very hard indeed. I also very much like the pink and teal artwork, but I cannot see who has done the cute illustrations, if anyone knows please comment below!

Full Of Fire' a short film by Marit Östberg*.
Music by The Knife