Tuesday, 11 January 2011

REVIEW OF 2010 : Erik Nilsson-Gullstrand

My name is Erik "Tonrie" Nilsson-Gullstrand and graduated secondary school from a swedish gymnasium with a text communication profile last summer. At the moment I'm back in Sweden doing some personal projects however I have big plans returning to the UK and London quite soon.

My creative work isn't much but I enjoy working in a kind of scandinavian way, I do love my scandinavia. The woods, the mystique, the cold.

I worked with Alùn on a few projects in 2010, I came to London to assist Alùn on the SZ Magazin shoot with Daniel Sannwald. But when I was suppose to go home, my flight was cancelled so I stayed for another week and assisted on the Vincent Peters shoot for British GQ and helped out with Alùn's fantastic accessorising for the exibition at Machine-A. So you can easily say I had a great end of 2010. The Daniel Sannwald shoot I thought was great, the team who worked on the shoot, the atmosphere was great - listening to Fever Ray nonstop for two days, running around London looking for ivy and emptying that pool which took for ever, but no complains, I enjoyed my time there and I feel like this is not the end. 2011 is going to be a good and productive year.

This is one of the most recently projects I've been working on were I provided with the artistic parts and also created the west-dress. Photography by Amina Rose.