Friday, 21 January 2011


Paper and card played a large part in the creativity whilst working with Alun, It was wonderful to see how these materialised into such contrary forms, creating unique environments and atmospheres, full of colour and attitude.

I assisted Alun back in February 2010, since then I have assisted other set designers and prop stylists such as: Shona Heath, Dawn Weller, Emma Roach, Anna Burns and James Hatt. I have recently worked independently on advertising shoots.

I have work on fashion shoots: Vanity Fair, Net-A-Porter, Italian Vogue, Turkish Vogue, British Vogue and advertising campaigns: Swarovski, Moet, John Lewis, Kelloggs, MTV, Aviva, Thomas Pink and many more. Whist continuing to assist designers and now work on my own projects, and am very much looking forward to seeing what this year brings.