Friday, 17 October 2008


I recently spent a week in Paris, where I was showing my book or as the French would say 'ton book' It was a fantastic journey, first stopping off with friends from London and then moving on for a visit with the newly relocated Illustrator Miss Rice, who has been enjoying a very successful move from London to Paris. I was very privileged in being able to preview some of her newly published work as well as having a delightful dinner. With a candy colour palette and sophisticated fashionable line to her illustrations these have a distinct feminine appeal. I'm very interested to see what happens over the forthcoming months as Miss Rice infiltrates the very distinctive world of Parisian Illustration with it's rather boyish style, whatever happens I'm sure she will stand out amongst the crowd.

Also in Paris I was able to meet with Fashion Photographer Nicolas Receveur, where we eagerly discussed future collaborations over coffee. More on Paris to come shortly.