Monday, 24 August 2009

Summer Work & Summer Fun

Summertime in the UK can get a bit quiet, everyone jets off in search of Sun, going down to Greece or escaping to Ibiza, although I hear we are not as quiet as Paris in August!

So this year I was determined to enjoy the summer with a few fun projects. Going Low Fi, low budget or simply trying out some new things was my ethos. Here's a few things that we got up to.

Latitude Festival

I was asked to step into the shoes of Beck Rainford for a comedy Theatre piece at Latitude festival this year with the Time Cat's Directed by Hamish Pirie. It was a fruit themed piece and so Fruit Bikini's or Fruikin's were made along with Fruit Suit's and Cardboard Rocket's, The Kid's seemed to love it - And the Parents............well let's not talk about that!

I was lucky enough to have a great team with me, the brilliant David Curtis-Ring and Christa Holka. Some useful finds was that bing a performer at a festival is sooo much more fun, we got accesss all areas wrist bands, performance tent pitches and a performers bar, all o which helps with the festival experience.

Highlights from the festival included performances by:

Fever Ray
Grace Jones
Camera Obscura
The Pet Shop Boys

Also readings by Vivian Westwood in the literature tent and the forest art gallery were equally as great. Unfortunately I missed the Johnny Woo Performance however good sources tell me it was amazing. Next year we hope to return, our mission will be to take our own club night. As unfortunately Latitude had an awful lign up of DJ's and club venue's appealing to the masses but really not breaking any boundaries, it all felt a bit too 'regional' post 11pm.

Photo's by Christ Holka

Gay Shame

I was asked by Johanna Linsley to perform in her piece for Gay Shame entitled House of Hysteria. It involved the punters of Gay shame choosing from a selection of Hysterical Women such as the Tragic Poetess the Raging Feminist or Pop star Diva and more. My Role was of the orderly greeting the punters and dressing them in their chosen persona, then flinging them into the spotlight where Season Butler took charge as the Doctor and gave them their therapy, I'm not sure exactly what she did but they all came back to me with a sheer look of enlightenment on their face. Johanna as the receptionist however was having to turn some people away as the que for the stall was becoming slightly uncontrolable with the ammount of punters wanting to see the Doctor.

Photo's by Christa Holka