Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pimped Peaches Wheelchair

Last Sunday was pretty intense, having found out on Saturday night that Peaches had hurt her leg, she asked me and Richie Kuncyusz if we could pimp her ride for Lovebox the following day, well I couldn't say no to a Peaches in a wheelchair so we went to the Hoxton hotel Sunday morning and pimped it up with Pink spray, some gold mirror tile trims and a hairy throne detailing, it was a beauty! We arrived at Love box to an audience on entry at the Artist back stage area where the wheelchair caught a bit of media attention including the lovely Fred Butler who blogged about it in her report on Lovebox check it out here. The rest of Lovebox was super fun and of course Grace Jones Rocked it, although I have o say I think she could do with a new set and a couple new costumes, they were the same ones she wore at Latitude last year....shamed!!! Now I know that she is obviously holding out for a bit of Piers Atkinson or maybe she was wrangling for some Noki knowing that super stylist Kim Howells was styling his show that day on the same stage!