Saturday, 8 January 2011


David Curtis-Ring, Peacock portrait photography by Christa Holka

I worked with ADAD on the music video Love Part II where we had some great fun with smoke, confetti and sugarglass! In the video there is a moment when a sheet of glass appears to break over Bright Light Bright Light and so while filming this part Alun and I were hovering above Rod with a sheet of sugarglass, poised, waiting for the go-ahead to let it fall! Eek! This felt quite dramatic at the time, to be dropping what seemed to like a piece of glass! We only had two chances to get it right but it worked out really well in the end. The sumptuous collage of textures, lights and varying colours that you can see in the finished piece are among my favourite things about the video!

I'm a London based artist working in set design, costume and props. My practice references mythology, elements of fantasy and mysticism and often features the animal as symbol. I'm interested in creating a striking visual language through an exploration of archetypes and a tactile, colourful and handmade aesthetic. I've just recently finished work on a music video for pop duo Muchuu where I art directed and designed the set and am now beginning a project with fantastic DOP Michel Dierickx.

Video still from Love Part II by Bright Light Bright Light

Muchuu Set design photography by Fanny Jansen


Dean Stephen Davies said...

love that top shot!

ALÙN said...

David is brilliant! He made that fantastic head piece!

Unknown said...

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