Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mari Sarai \ Naked Exhibition

It was some time ago when I recall a conversation with Anna Trevelyan about a photo shoot where she had posed nude or 'Naked' for the photographer Mari Sarai. A little later on and a video shoot where I was working as Art Director with Mari we stopped for her to take some stills again 'Naked' of the model for a private project. Fast forward a year on and these snapshots that Mari had been taking have fused themselves into a stunning collection of images of the female form, sexuality and with a confidence only to be given by such a photographer as Mari herself. And an extra suprise to me that the image taken on the video shoot we worked on would actually turn out to be the cover of the book.

Just before LFW and on the eve of NYFW's closure we visited Mari's exhibition and UK launch of the book 'Naked' at Blackall Studio's in Shoreditch. A brilliant show and a suprise collection of images. I now need to get my hands on a copy of the book myself.

Photo blog by Miriam Backhaus.