Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fred Butler AW 12

Tank Top-Ranking Tongue-Tied and Twisted.

When an invitation arrives from Fred Butler to attend her AW12 presentation at London Fashion Week it means that everything else you may have had planned for that day gets cancelled! I was very excited especially after having such an honour to work with Fred on her SS12 presentation last year. Again this presentation was held at the Portico room in Somerset House, which has some beautiful features, however for people such as Fred and myself the possibility to change a space is always a challenge and I was intrigued to see how the new collection would be shown this time around.

News came in advance that Fred had collaborated with musician Charlie XCX to create an original track at Redbull studio's, available as a free download as the sound track to her presentation and Charlie would perform this live with her band.

The collection was of course a range of ellaborate Fred Butler signature couture pieces that exhist outside any time, space or season and could be worn by any one, just so long as they have an extremely fearless aproach to their own image. Futuristic pastel armour in Origami pleats and folds, and geometric patterned puffa's to keep you warm on an interstella cosmic cruise. The real suprise however was in the form of knitted body's, tank tops and shorts in pastel pink, mint and cream, the ultimate modern take on the arran knitt. Her head pieces had a marshmallow quality to them that seemed to make you want to eat them or at least lick them to see if they were as sweet as they looked.

We even had a moment to catch up with the delightful Sarah Keeling who was doing a marvelous job creating a behind the scenes film capturing all the wonders of Kim Howels with her awe inspiring styling and Bianca Tuovi's pastel hair creations.